Plumbing Pipe Shelves

We're in the process of renovating Johnny's office to office...instead of the junk catch-all that it has become over the last year.
First up was adding in some much needed shelving. We knew we wanted to install some high shelves so that our digital projector has a permanent home for our "Family Movie Nights" and epic Zelda battles. That way we don't have to set it up every time we need it. Which has previously been a huge pain.

I knew that some plumbing pipe shelves would be a perfect fit for this. Easy. Modern. And they don't require a TON of carpentry skills...which may or may not be a bit lacking around here.
I measured our space, took some notes and made a run to our local OSH to pick up our supplies.

To start, I assembled both arms by screwing the pieces together and hand tightening.

Then I gave them a good scrubbing using some water and degreasing soap and let dry completely.
Once dry I gave them two light coats of spray using Rustoleum Gloss Black.

And then up they go. We were lucky and were able to screw directly into studs so we just used regular wood screws. If you don't have studs though make sure you use screws for hanging in sheetrock.

Once the pipe braces were up we started on finishing the wood planks. We used two pieces of 1 inch plank and cut them to fit our space. Just make sure you leave about two inches on each end to hang over your braces.
The planks already came pretty smooth so I just gave them a light sanding using 220 finishing paper. Remove sanding dust with a slightly damp clean cloth to finish.

I wanted to leave the wood pretty natural with just a TOUCH of color so I stained them using Minwax Golden Oak on all sides. Don't forget the ends and edges.

After one coat of stain I let the boards dry completely for a few hours and then used Minwax Clear Satin Poly to finish them off. I ended up putting about four coats on.

Let dry completely overnight and then finagle them onto the braces.

And DONE! Add in your favorite pieces and enjoy.