DIY Christmas Wreath for Thrifty People

In our home, the day after Thanksgiving is where we open the floodgates and allow Christmas to finally explode its festivities all over our house!!! And just like my bangs in the 80s... I like to go BIG. Music, cookies, cocoa, garland, trees, stockings, wreaths. You name it. I'm dragging it out of a dusty box in my attic. Sorry, I’m pointing to the attic and explaining to my husband where the box is because… you know. Spiders.

Most of my collection consists of little tchotchkes I've collected over the years...tree included. But I insist on having live garland and wreaths. There's just no beating that delicious evergreen smell. And while I love me some doTERRA Holiday Joy pumping in my's just not the same as the real deal.


I'm head long into a barrel of pre-made wreaths at our local hardware boxstore when, much to my dismay, I see that inflation has apparently skyrocketed in the evergreen business. $50 for a pre-made wreath?!?!?!?! Gasp. An internal war is waging between my desire for a deliciously scented seasonal home and my incessant cheap thrifty heart. As is typical of life, the heart wins out. I grew up in a trailer park, I know the difference between a want and a need and $50 bucks for some glorified dead sticks is just ridiculous.

But like my momma always said, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." *

So I grabbed a few fistfuls from the "free clippings" bin and headed home to get my DIY on.

*Side note: that is a terrifying saying and must beg the question, "Why are you skinning a cat AT ALL?!?!?!” How about, “There’s more than one way to skin a potato!” or, “There’s more than one way to (insert literally anything here that is NOT skinning a cat.)"

Grab an old wreath back or something similar, some gardening shears and floral wire. I used the gardening shears and trimmed the big branches down into smaller twig-like branches. Think kindling size.

Anchor your floral wire to the wreath back by twisting it around itself a few times. No need to get fancy with your knots. This ain’t Boy Scouts of America or the Official Knot Makers Club.

Start with a few twigs and loop the wire around the bottom two inches of the sticks, securing it to the wreath frame.

Lay a new twig on top of the previous one making sure to overlap the ends to hide the wire. Continue the process working your way around the wreath frame until you get back to the start.

Anchor the wire by twisting it back onto itself like you did in the first step.

Add a ribbon and finished!!!!! Now inhale deeply through your nose-holes. Does it still look pretty and smell like heaven? Yep!!!! Did it cost less than $50 bucks? You bet. Cost almost nothing but a little time and some nimble fingers.

Happy projecting!

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