Felt Christmas Tree

After many Christmas seasons of decorating the top half of a tree I finally got a little creative and made the kids their own tree. This simple DIY has been such a fun addition to our holiday decorating and the kids love it. And I love it because I can have a fully decorated tree and don't have to worry so much about tiny digits destroying all the ornaments.

And it only requires felt, some sharp scissors and a little bit of time. EASY and CHEAP!!!!!!

Swing by your local fabric store and pick up a yard of dark green felt from a bolt. This is the only large piece you will need. The rest of the felt can just be those cheap little 8x10 pieces in various colors. 

Here's the list that I used:

1 yard dark green - this is the tree
3 8x10 sheets yellow
2 8x10 sheets dark blue, light blue, green, dark purple, light purple, orange, pink, red and white

From there I cut out a few circles of various sizes by tracing canned goods from our pantry, some bulb shapes and finally candy canes from the white fabric. I used the leftover scraps of felt to make the candy cane stripes and fun details for a few of the ornaments. Then glued everything together using a hot glue gun. Just don't go crazy with the glue or it will soak through the felt. Think less is more here. And don't forget a beautiful star for the top!

I hang the tree directly on the wall using double stick tape. And that's it! Kids can decorate and redecorate all season long!!!!!!!

Once Christmas is over I just gently fold the tree up and store in a gallon size Ziplock bag with all the ornaments until next year.

Happy projecting and let me know if you have any questions!

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