Mint Watermelon

Today we’re rolling on a two-fer-one project. The plan was to start by making these really cool watermelon based Jell-O molds and then use the leftover fruit bits to create a yummy mint salad.
Then shit went bust.
Check out below for the win and the lose.

1. Cut your melon in half and scoop it out. We’re using a melon baller but really anything with a scoop will work. See also spoonsmall measuring cup or, if you’re in a real pinch, you can claw it out blindly with your fingers. Don’t be shy. Those are the O.G. eating utensils.

2. Dump all those pieces into a big bowl. Plop.

3. You’re going to need some fresh mint. Get it at the store or you could grow some in a window sill. When our daughter plucks the leaves she says that it “smells like happiness”, which is stupidly adorable.
You’ll need around 1/4 cup, which is less than it sounds. Chop it up as finely as you can and sprinkle it onto the balled melon bowl (no offense to bald people).

4. 1/2 lime. Squeeze that shit and pour the juice over the whole mess. This gives the sweetness a little zing.

5. Mix, chill and eat. You can use a fork or your fingers.

This is an incredibly simple snack that takes very little preparation, tastes amazing and is, obviously, crazy healthy. You can easily knock this out in under fifteen minutes. Show up at a party with this treat and you will be Betty f-ing Crocker.


Alright. SO… what do you do with the two empty watermelon halves from above? Well, the plan was to make some really fun Jell-O watermelon slices. Check it out...

1. Take the empty watermelon halves and place them in a container to prop them up. We don’t want them tipping over.

2. Make some Jell-O. If you don’t know how, the directions are on the side of the box. You got this!

3. Pour the liquid Jell-O mixture into the empty watermelon, filling it about a third to half way. Put the watermelon in the fridge and let it cool and firm up. This is going to take a couple hours. Upwards of four to be safe.

4. Make a SECOND box of Jell-O (different color) and pour that on top of the current Jell-O once firm. Repeat as many times as you’d like. We asked our kids what their favorite colors were but you can do anything you want because you are an adult!

5. Once complete, cut the watermelon up into slices as you would a normal watermelon and your children can eat Jell-o in a fun way!….. because eating regular Jell-O is apparently not quite fun enough...

6. Hate yourself because you messed everything up and couldn’t even make Jell-O correctly, you freaking idiot. #nailedit


I think we jumped the gun on pouring on the second layer of Jell-O. We SHOULD have allowed the second layer to cool for longer. Instead of a red/blue split we have a purple gradient.

While cooling in the fridge, remember to place up high enough where prying fingers can't roam. Our oldest walked into the living room a number of times, licking her fingers and proclaiming that she thought the Jell-O was almost ready.

Cuts on the watermelon should be kept small. Think acute triangles instead of half circles.

Finally, the biggest mistake we made is that we didn’t add vodka.

Great news, though! Children DO NOT CARE what shape Jell-O comes in and they'll just grab a spoon and go to town! So, even if you lose, you win.

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