Geometric Terracotta Pot

Gift giving season is upon us now and so we're busting out some of our favorite DIY projects! This one is so fun and easy and is perfect for any plant people in your life. Plus it's totally customizeable to fit any decor style.

Start with a very basic terracotta pot that you can pick up from any garden center. This one is four inches but you can modify this DIY to fit whatever size you need.

Cut multiple sized triangles using some Con-Tact paper. They shouldn't be perfect triangles. Definitely get your isosceles on. Layer them on one at a time making sure that you cover all the way to the bottom. You could also use this effect for the top of the pot as well. Whatever you prefer.

Once you've gone all the way around the pot you're ready to paint. Right before I paint I run my finger nail along all the Con-Tact edges to make sure they're stuck to the pot really well. Pick your favorite color of spray paint and get painting. I try to do 2-3 very light coats and make sure you let them dry in between.

After the pot is completely dry I slowly peel away the Con-Tact paper triangles one at a time.

And if you did it right you'll reveal the terracotta negative space!

Add your favorite succulent or cactus and get your gift giving on.

Happy projecting!!!!!!

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