What To Do With Family Photos?

As a photographer I get a lot of questions about what I do with all my personal photos. On any given year I take literally 100s (mostly of the kids) and the idea that I am going to hang up EVERY SINGLE ONE is insane and would honestly be pretty damn creepy. Back in the day I would print out 4x6s and then jimmy them into clunky albums with dirty little individual sleeves. Remember those? What a nightmare! One time I picked up an album and like 50 photos fell out the bottom onto the floor. It took me HOURS to figure out which sleeve all those damn photos fell out of. Hard pass.That was the day I vowed there had to be a better way and it couldn’t involve shoving the photos into a Rubbermaid bin in the basement.

Cue Shutterfly.

Professionally I was dubious of their album and image quality but I had heard a number of good things about the company and so I took a chance to check them out for myself with a test book. And man, talk about egg on my face.

Fast forward four years (and several albums) and I am (and will remain) a loyal customer. I print all of our yearly photo albums through Shutterfly and have found, over and over, that their picture quality and color is fantastic. And let’s be real, custom photo albums are EXPENSIVE but I found these to be pretty well priced. In fact, they regularly do 50% discounts throughout the year so I keep my eyes open for them and then place my order. I am a thrifty old miser at heart and I will probably never change. I usually end up getting our album made for about $60 bucks and that includes a number of the various upgrades.

I like that I design it online just by periodically uploading my photos and designing the pages as I have time without having to get out a bunch of STUFF. God bless you scrapbooking mamas. I don’t know how you do it!!!!! The online process is pretty good although - full transparency - there’s a few kinks that I don’t LOVE about the software, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Mostly, I love the quality of the product and the slim design of the albums. It's like 1/5th the size of those old bulky albums. (I actually have dreams of working my way backward to the start of the kids being born so I can ditch those old albums. Although that’s probably ridiculously ambitious and naive). 

My most favorite thing though is when our new album shows up! Our family always sits around the the first night it arrives, we pull the old albums off the shelf and compare how much everyone has changed. The kids get to see photos from all our old trips when they were chubby babies and we reminisce about when they were little and we all had bad haircuts.

If you love photos but are finding yourself overwhelmed like I was then I would definitely recommend giving them a try!

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